Floor cleaner BR-200

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High pressure multi-cleaner for efficient spray-free cleaning outdoors. The BR-200 Hydrobroom cleans powerfully and in one go pavings and wood surfaces, stairs, corners and walls. Algae, moss, deposits and weathering stains can be removed easily. The device is fitted with a ceramic pendulum nozzle (spraying angle: 24°), the cleaning width is 250 mm. The powerful spot jet is ideal for cleaning joints and simultaneously transports the dirt to designated collection point. The plastic casing and the 270° swivelling shield prevent the splashing back of the cleaning water and dirt. It is as easy to handle as a vacuum cleaner. The so-called quick snap system allows the nozzle to be pulled out for free operation. The blades are replaceable.


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Repair Kit oscillation nozzle Repair Kit oscillation nozzle
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Repair Kit for oscillation nozzle Repair Kit for oscillation nozzle
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Repair Kit wearout runners Repair Kit wearout runners
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