Floor cleaner BR-3000

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Multi-Cleaner with two ceramic pendulum nozzles and roller brushes for cleaning tasks indoors and outdoors. The BR-3000 Hydrobroom can be used on paved and wooden areas, tiling, hard surfaces and all areas suitable for cleaning with brushes. The high pressure jet loosens and removes heavy dirt, with the brush roller removing grease marks at the same time. The protection shield can be swivelled through 270°, so corners, edges, front surfaces etc. can be cleaned easily without the cleaning water and dirt splashing back. For cleaning absolutely inaccessible places the pendulum nozzle can be pulled from the Multi-Cleaner (quick snap system).


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Repair Kit wearout runners Repair Kit wearout runners
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Repair Kit 2x oscillation nozzle Repair Kit 2x oscillation nozzle
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Repair Kit 2x for oscillation nozzle Repair Kit 2x for oscillation nozzle
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Repair Kit brushing roller Repair Kit brushing roller
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