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The CADDY is a linear floor cleaner for the semi professional sector with unique characteristics which has the lightness, handiness and the efficiency of a golf caddy. The caddy is fitted with two pendular spot hoses and has a cleaning range of 520 mm. Using a linear cleaning technique the coarse dirt is pushed in front of it as if with a spatula, to store this in a suitable place for later disposal. Via a quick snap system it is possible to separate the drive casing from the tandem cleaning unit. The separation of the two main components brings a great deal of flexibility and makes it easier to clean the most difficult corners and edges. The drive casing protects people and objects against soiling by rebounding cleaning water. Only high quality water bearing components such as stainless steel, brass and extremely strong plastic parts were used for the Caddy.


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Repair Kit 2x for oscillation nozzle Repair Kit 2x for oscillation nozzle
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